SYNDICATE goes cashless! Safer. Faster. Easier.
At SYNDICATE, you get a wristband with an RFID chip that you can use to pay cashless anywhere.

You can already load credit (Pre-TopUp) and benefit from the many advantages:

  • No queues at the TopUp-stations
  • Chance to win 5 x 100,- credits
  • Refund possible after the event
  • Your expenses at a glance at all times

Top up your credit free of charge here.

Cashless is secure, fast and easy. It shortens waiting times, you have an overview of your expenses at any time. Your remaining balance will be refunded after the event.

You will receive the cashless wristband at the entrance. Attention: You will not be admitted to the Westfalenhalle without a cashless wristband applied to your wrist.

Credit can be topped up here in the event portal.
You can top up your credit online continuously and free of charge until the end of the event.

On site, your ticket will be linked to a cashless wristband, so that you can use your preloaded credit.

Among all Pre-TopUps we raffle 5x 100,- EUR “gift credit”! 

Condition of participation: You must load credit in the event portal until 5th October 2023. The prize is a 100,- EUR “gift credit”, which cannot be paid out. The winners will be contacted by e-mail on 6th October 2023.

Self TopUp-Station: Easy to top up your credit independently – even easier than withdrawing money from an ATM. Payment by ec or credit card.

The top up is free of charge.

Staffed TopUp-Station: Staffed stations that take care of the top-up process for you. Payment by ec/credit card or cash.

Per charge 1,- EUR fee.

Online in the event portal: Also during the event you can recharge online in the event portal your credit. The credit is automatically loaded onto your Cashless wristband.

Online top up is free of charge.

There is no maximum amount. You can request the refund of your full remaining credit after the event (Refund fee: 0,54 EUR).

  • Receive cashless wristband at the entrance
  • Have you previously topped up your credit online (Pre-TopUp)? Then head straight to the bar and order your first drink
  • No credit loaded yet? Go to one of the TopUp stations and load money onto your cashless wristband.
  • Or load your credit onto your wristband at any time with your smartphone in the event portal.

At each TopUp station, online at the event portal and when paying on the scanners of the crew.

Yes, you can see on the scanners of the crew when paying how much credit is debited to you and how much remaining credit you have on your cashless wristband.

You can also check your current credit balance at every TopUp station and online in the event portal.

  • For each drink (except for shots) 2€ will be booked from the cashless wristband as a deposit.
  • Upon return, the amount will be credited.
  • Deposit can be returned in the amount in which drinks were bought. In addition, there are five deposit containers as a buffer, so that you can also return the deposit from friends when you get the next round.

From 10.10.2023 to 22.10.2023 in the Eventportal. Enter data and pay out remaining credit (Refund fee: 0,54 EUR).

On-site payout of the remaining balance is not possible. The payout is not automatic!

Yes, without the cashless wristband you cannot get your remaining balance refunded.

Of course we comply with the applicable data protection regulations. We do not create any movement profiles and your personal data is deleted as soon as it is no longer required to provide services or to process payment and credit transactions and provided that there are no legal storage obligations to the contrary.