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Bold and beautiful, the fierce ‘goddess’ of Hardcore, Miss K8 has an exciting announcement for all. Yes, you read correctly; Miss K8 will create the anthem for this year’s edition of SYNDICATE! We had the chance to pull K8 aside for a quick chat about her plans for the anthem as well as her excitement for this enormous event.

Hey K8! First of all, I hear that you have some big news to share with us today about a special anthem…?
Yes! I’m proud to announce that I have been chosen to create this year’s SYNDICATE anthem!

What kind of inspiration will you use in the SYNDICATE anthem?
I’m still thinking about which direction I’d like to take regarding the atmosphere of the track. It usually happens while I’m working on it, so, let’s see!

As an artist, what does it mean to create the anthem for this event?
The SYNDICATE anthem is going to be the third anthem I’ll do! After creating anthems for Dominator Festival (2014) and Masters of Hardcore (2016), the SYNDICATE anthem will surely mark another great highlight in my career.

What are three things that pop to mind when you hear the word ‘SYNDICATE?’
Loudness, stage design and the location all somewhat remind me of a hamster wheel. When I need to go somewhere I find myself always doing the circles around the hallways of the building, haha!

All in all, what are some of your favourite things about the event?
The stage design of SYNDICATE always looks great; I love the view from the stage, as well as the view from the arena. And of course, SYNDICATE’s wicked sound system is one of the event’s biggest assets!

What’s been your craziest SYNDICATE moment?
I visited SYNDICATE for the first time back in 2011; since then, I’ve had so many crazy moments, so of course it’s really difficult to choose. On stage, it’s been a pleasure each and every time and this year will be extra special as I’ll be stepping on stage to drop my anthem! All in all, SYNDICATE is a great party and my friends and I always have a lot of fun there!