04. Oktober 2014




You can get your tickets until including Saturday, October 4th as Print@Home-Ticket and at all known ticket-agencies.

Orders of Original-Hardtickets in the I-Motion Shop are not possible any more. A delivery at the right time could not be guaranteed.

Opening hours of the box office:
Saturday, October 4th from 6.00 pm
There are going to be enough tickets available.

Age restriction:
Admission from 16 years and up; generally no admission below.


Ticket outlets

Presale at Eventim and all known ticket outlets. Further ticket agencies at


The tickets of the various ticket systems will be exchanged at the box office for the original tickets once it has been verified that they are genuine.

International Advance Sales

nl lu fr be at ch pl it si hu bg hr rs sk ro

Information on international advance sales.

Free Travel

Free travel to and from the venue with the admission ticket on all “VRR” public transport (2nd class) in the VRR Rhine-Ruhr fare zone (Saturday 04.10.2014 & Sunday 05.10.2014). More info at and An overview of the VRR fare zone can be found here.

Forged Tickets

Warning: Forged Tickets

Forged tickets unfortunately keep appearing which are difficult to tell apart from genuine tickets. We therefore strongly advise you not to buy tickets from online auction houses or private sellers. Tickets and all system tickets, such as from Eventim, Ticketscript, etc., will be closely checked at the venue. Anyone with a forged ticket will not be allowed entry. Please buy your tickets only at, at official ticket outlets or at the box office.

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